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Riverbends 4-H Club at Fall Fest

Ready to get involved?

We're so glad you're here! New Hampshire 4-H is structured in the form of community clubs and afterschool programs, county-wide or state-wide events, SPINs (short-term programs designed around a SPecific INterest), and more. Whether you are looking to join a tight-knit group that meets routinely (a community club), be casually involved in something fun and positive (SPINs), or anywhere in between, your children can work on projects in areas of their interest, expand their level of understanding, and build relationships that will last a lifetime.

How to Join

1. Contact Your Local County 4-H Program

Our ten County 4-H Programs serve youth throughout New Hampshire. Get started by connecting with your local County 4-H Program team. Your county program is usually the county where you live, but if you are planning to join a 4-H club in a different county, that county program will be your home base.

Contact your County 4-H Office

2. Find a Local 4-H Club or Event

The list of Clubs and Afterschool Programs on your County 4-H Program page is a great place to start. To get connected with a club, contact your local County 4-H Program team, and a 4-H staff member will be in touch to find out more about your interests and put you in touch with a Club Leader that fits your interests and location.

What if I don’t necessarily want to join a club? There are still many ways to be involved! 4-H is committed to bringing you programs wherever you are, and maybe joining a club is not for you at this time. Youth and families who want to attend county-wide events and SPINs or work on 4-H projects independently are recognized as Independent Members. Find a 4-H event near you or contact us to get started as a 4-H independent member.

Next Steps

Enroll in NH 4-H

Once you've connected with your County 4-H Office and/or a local Club Leader, you are ready to register in 4-H Online4-H Online is our official enrollment database. By enrolling 4-H Online, you will be connected to the world of 4-H and will receive regular updates about exciting opportunities within the NH 4-H. Registering in 4-H Online also allows you to manage your 4-H clubs and projects, register your 4-H animals, and sign up for events. Enrollment as a club member or participant is required to register for your county events and SPINs. If you need help enrolling, check out our Enrollment Guide for NH Families. If you need paper forms, please contact your county 4-H team.

Did you know?

4-H can help your child start saving toward a college education at UNH! 4-H’ers can earn a $500 scholarship for each year of active 4-H participation, up to a maximum of $5,000 per year of UNH enrollment ($20,000 total). The scholarship is available each year a student is enrolled at UNH at either the Durham or Manchester campus.

Learn how UNH Values 4-H Experiences!