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Our agriculture and horticulture specialists use trusted research-based information to give New Hampshire farmers, businesses and citizens the tools they need to succeed.  We provide a wide-range of resources, including workshops, fact sheets, programs, on-site consultations and comprehensive pest, plant and soil diagnostics.

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Exobasidium gall is a common and minor disease affecting rhododendron throughout New Hampshire and the Northeast
Exobasidium gall is a common and minor disease affecting rhododendron throughout New Hampshire and the Northeast, promoted by cool and wet weather dur... Learn More
Lupines are stunning, but there are important differences between sundial and bigleaf lupines
Bigleaf lupine and the related ornamental Russell hybrid were introduced to the northeast for both gardens and roadside stabilization in the early to ... Learn More
New Hampshire food pantries benefit from fresh produce that is safely grown, harvested and donated by community members
World Food Safety Day, observed on June 7, serves as a global reminder of the critical role safe food plays in our lives. Produce from home gardens ca... Learn More
Aerial roots are a notable feature found in certain vining species
Aerial roots are a notable feature found in certain vining species, such as varieties of climbing, or winter creeper Euonymus (Euonymus fortunei). Unl... Learn More
Making the effects of extreme weather less severe
UNH Extension and NH Vegetable and Berry Growers Association has launched a four-part series on the Climate Adapted Farm, Making the effects of extrem... Learn More
NH Farm and Meatpacking Workers Eligible for Grant Funds
The Farm and Food Workers Relief Program is accepting applications from those who worked in the agricultural sector during the COVID-19 pandemic. New ... Learn More
Advice for farmers who have been using 2021 QuickBooks Desktop software
This blog post provides a comprehensive guide for farmers using QuickBooks Desktop 2021, detailing the implications of the software’s discontinuation,... Learn More
Leek Moth Detected in a New NH County
Leek moth has now been found in a new New Hampshire county. The caterpillar of this moth feeds on Alliums, including garlic, onions, and leeks. Learn More


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Our Farmers are Struggling, Farmer mental health challenges can result in loss of life, reduced ability to perform farm duties, lowered farmer quality... Learn More
A University of New Hampshire Extension podcast that celebrates the resilience and triumphs of women in agriculture. Hosts Kendall Kunelius and Rebecc... Learn More
In 2023, NH farms were faced with the wettest year on record, according to the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine. This excessive rainfall greatl... Learn More
The 2023 production season was extremely challenging for farmers throughout the northeast. Widespread freeze events in February and May caused the gre... Learn More
In the summer and fall of 2023, blueberry leaf rust was found widely distributed in New Hampshire, including Merrimack, Hillsborough and Strafford cou... Learn More
Exobasidium leaf and fruit spot of blueberry is a fungal disease affecting both leaves and berries. Symptoms matching this disease were reported in se... Learn More