Directory of Sawmills

The New Hampshire Directory of Sawmills and Lumber Wholesalers is an on-line resource for those looking to purchase or sell wood products. The directory is maintained by UNH Cooperative Extension. Businesses are listed with permission and an individual business listing does not constitute an endorsement by UNH Cooperative Extension.
Any sawmill not listed or one wishing to change their information should contact, Sarah Smith at (603) 862-2647, or sawmill owners can fill out an online request form to update their information by clicking here.
For general information about forestry please visit the UNH Cooperative Extension, Forestry and Wildlife Program web site, To obtain more information about New Hampshire's forest industry visit the "Forest Industry" page, A complete listing of UNH Cooperative Extension Forestry and Wildlife Program publications visit our Publications Page.
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Search Criteria
You may search for a sawmill or lumber wholesaler by species, product or by the market served. The search program will search for a species first, if entered, then product or market. For a printable version of the directory, please go to the Print Listing page. (To view the listing you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download your free copy.) If you would like the directory mailed to you, please contact or call 1-800-444-9878.
Searching by Species
To refine your search by species select one or more of the following specialty areas. For a description of species characteristics please click on the species name.
 All  White Pine  Hemlock
 Red Pine  Spruce/Fir  Cedar
 Red Oak  Red Maple  Sugar Maple
 Yellow/Black Birch  White Birch  Beech
 White Ash  White Oak  Aspen
Searching by Products Offered
To refine your search by products offered please select one or more of the following product areas. For a description of the product simply click on the products name.
 Rough Green Lumber  Planed Lumber  Kiln-Dried Lumber
 Cants/Lumber  Log Cabin Stock  Glued-up Panels
 Dimension Lumber  Pallets/Crates  Precut Parts
 Flooring  Long Timbers >16'  Bark
 Sawdust  Pulp Chips  Fuel Chips
 Shavings-Bulk  Shavings-Bagged  Grade Stakes
 Slabs  Pegs  Other  
Searching by Market
To refine your search by market please select one or more of the following specialty areas. For a description of the markets please click on the market name.
 Wholesale  Retail  Custom Sawing
 Custom Drying  Custom Planing  Export