Forest-based Industry

The forest-products industry is the oldest land-based industry in New Hampshire, dating back to 1634 when the state sent its first cargo of masts to England for the Royal Navy. Today, forests cover 84 percent of the Granite State, and, as a renewable resource, add much to the state and regional economy.

The annual value of output of New Hampshire’s forest-products industry totals nearly $1.4 billion. When accounting for the ripple-effect on the rest of the economy, estimates reach as high as $2.4 billion in economic output. Forest-based recreation adds another $1.4 billion.

Approximately 7,756 workers work in the forest products sectors, including 1,200 loggers, 500 foresters and 800 truckers. Another 10,800 jobs support the forest recreation economy.

Forest Industry Specialist Andy Fast

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