MS4 Resources

UNHSC in cooperation with EPA Region 1 staff have assembled a series of factsheets that summarize the 10 best management practices and associated performance curves developed for the new MA and NH MS4 permits
BMP Performance Fact Sheets

A cross-walk to assist designers and modelers to match common BMPs identified in the MA and NH Stormwater Manual with the BMPs modeled in the MS4 permit and documented in appendix F
 BMP Crosswalk

BMP Cost estimate approach outlined in a recent EPA Region 1 memo
BMP Cost Estimates

BMP Performance Calculator.  Quantifies water quality performance using the MS4 permit performance curves
BMP Performance Calculator

Simple Municipal tracking form
Simplified tracking and accounting calculator

UNHSC has been assisting the New England Environmental Finance Center in the development and delivery of training sessions to promote the new BMP Performance Curves and the EPA Region 1 Opti-Tool.
Opti-Tool Training

Generic Design Details

Finally, UNHSC has partnered with the Rockingham Planning Commission and the Southeast Watershed Alliance to develop up-to-date stormwater Post-Construction Stormwater Management Standards required in section 2.3.6 of the new NH MS4 permit. 
The original 2012 standards

 In addition, since 2012, numerous municipalities have improved and strengthened the language in the standards through direct experience and continual review of the text.  
Amended Draft Standards 2/19