4-H Grill Master Cook-Off


Deerfield Fairgrounds
34 Stage Road
Deerfield, NH 03037
United States

Come join 4-Hers from across the state for a GRILL MASTER COOK-OFF competition! 4-Hers in all project areas are invited to compete in teams of 3 to create a dish that includes a meat (Beef or Pork), a starch, and vegetable in addition to a mystery item in 45 minutes. Each team will cook two portions of the food. The event will supply these items, but the teams are responsible for bringing any other additions. It is highly suggested that teams meet prior to the event to plan and practice their dish. All cooking must be done on a grill or electric skillet supplied by the team. Teams will have staggered start times that will be announced prior to competition.

  • Beef Cut - flank steak
  • Pork Cut - ground pork
  • Starch - plantain
  • Vegetable - asparagus
  • The mystery ingredient will be one of the following but will be announced on the day of the competition: microgreens, pineapple, brown sugar, cheese, prosciutto, basil, thyme, breadcrumbs, instant mashed potatoes, avocado, eggs, taco seasoning, pasta, eggplant.

The event staff will supply the plates to use for the final dish in the presentation to the judges. At the end of cooking, teams will walk with their dish to the judging area to present their food and receive feedback. We are excited to see what team will be named the ULTIMATE GRILL MASTERS! 


  • This event is open to 4-Hers in all project areas who are ages 10-18. 
  • 4-Hers will compete in teams of 3 youth with 1 adult supervisor per team.
  • To sign up for this event, register through 4-HOnline by April 14, 2023.
  • This event runs in conjunction with the New Hampshire Farm, Forest and Garden Expo. Participants in the cook-off and their adult supervisor will all receive passes to enter the expo (4 total per team).

FOOD SAFETY & MEAT HANDLING WORKSHOP:  April 21, 2023 at 6:00pm via Zoom. (Registered participants will receive a zoom link to join.)

All participants of the Grill Master Cook-Off, will be highly encouraged to attend this workshop on food safety, and meat handling prior to the competition in May. Participants will learn how to safely handle meat, avoid contamination, as well as other food safety guidelines. This will be offered in a hybrid format for 4-H members across the state. More information will be communicated to participants closer to the event.


  • Grill or electric skillet
  • Cooking utensils
  • Spices and additional ingredients
  • Chairs
  • EZ-Up/ Canopy
  • Meat thermometer
  • Plastic tablecloth
  • Extra table (if needed)

RULES FOR THE COMPETITION: (adapted from ESE Beef Committee)

  1. One adult supervisor per team must be present for safety precautions and cannot assist in preparing food.
  2. Each team must provide a grill for each participating team. A canopy or EZ-up is also recommended.
  3. Teams will be responsible to provide recipes including any spices, garnishes, pans or utensils needed to complete their dishes.
  4. Teams will be provided with tables, tablecloths, plates, and gloves for food prep.
  5. All preparation including cutting of garnishes may not be done prior to the start of the competition. Food made ahead of time i.e. pies, precooked pasta, etc. are not allowed, everything (food items) has to be made in the 45 minutes the participants are given to complete the meals.
  6. No alcoholic beverages may be used in the preparation of recipes.


Youth must as a group present a dish to judges, give an explanation and be prepared to answer any questions. See scoresheet here.

The panel of judges will score teams by the following breakdown: (TOTAL of 100 possible points)

  • Creativity (10 possible points)
  • Teamwork (20 possible points)
  • Taste (20 possible points)
  • Presentation of Food and Dish (20 possible points)
  • Ability to answer questions and present food to judges (10 possible points)
  • Use of mystery ingredient (10 possible points),                                                                               
  • Food Safety (10 possible points)


We need volunteers to help run the competition and to be event judges! If you are interested please contact Hannah Majewski at hannah.majewski@unh.edu

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