4-H at the North Haverhill Fair

  • Working Steer Show at the Fair 2022

July 24 - 28, 2024

The North Haverhill Fair hosts many 4-H events and activities coordinated by the Grafton County 4-H office.  Details about these events are posted below.

The deadline to register for 4-H events at the North Haverhill Fair is June 15, 2024. 

Questions can be directed to Donna Lee, 4-H Program Manager, Grafton County, 603-787-6944, Donna.Lee@unh.edu

Animal Exhibits

Points to Note

  • Youth are limited to exhibiting two (2) animal types.
  • Purchase seasons passes via the Extension office before July 17.  Each family with livestock exhibitors is eligible to purchase two (2) passes at $25.00 each.
  • Parents not available for the mandatory Livestock Exhibitors’ Meeting on Wednesday should appoint a responsible adult to attend in their place. 
  • All livestock exhibitors are expected to stay for the awards ceremony on Sunday. 
  • 4-H exhibitors are expected to be on the fairgrounds every morning no later than 8am.
  • If the veterinarian deems the body condition of an animal to be unacceptable, we reserve the right to send the animal home. (Body condition scoring resources available upon request from the Extension Office.)
  • Barn layout is set by the Superintendents. Exhibitors should plan to house animals in the designated area.
  • Working steer exhibitors may only show one team in the 4-H classes at the fair. Notes regarding Open Show: 1) If space is available, a 4-H member showing at the North Haverhill Fair in the open show will be allowed to house their one additional pair, owned/shown, in the 4-H barn. 2) Youth are still responsible for caring for their animals in the barn, whether they are participating in the open shows or 4-H shows. 3) 4-H members who are also open show participants will be expected to take part in the 4-H shows during the week and all daily herdsmanship responsibilities. 4) Open show teams housed in the 4-H barn MUST be exhibited by 4-H youth or they will be asked to leave.
  • Please read the Animal Information Packet carefully.  Youth are responsible for the content included in the packet.




Exhibit Hall

Points to Note in the Exhibit Hall This Year

  • With the goal of showcasing the best 4-H projects, there will be a total entry limit of ten (10) items per person for ribbon and premium judging.  (Additional items can be part of the display but will not be judged.)
  • Cloverbuds will receive a $1 per item stipend for their entries.  There will be a total entry limit of ten (10) items per person for ribbons and stipends.  (Additional items can be part of the display but will not receive feedback or a stipend.)
  • One “Best of Show” award will be given to an overall display or educational display.  The club / independent member receiving this honor will receive an additional premium of $20.
  • 2024 Exhibit Hall Theme (selected by the Fair Association):  “Celebrate the 80's”


  • VIDEO - this video provides a brief overview of the 4-H section of the exhibit hall at the North Haverhill Fair
  • SCHEDULE - 4-H Schedule of Events (anticipated) - subject to change
  • PACKET - 4-H Exhibit Hall Information Packet - this packet includes all the details about the 4-H section of the hall
  • ENTRIES - Submitting Fair Entries - use this system to submit 4-H entries by June 15  (If the link does not work, type tinyurl.com/NHFYouth into your internet browser.)  NOTES: 1) When creating an account, in the birthdate field, enter the 4-H exhibitor's date of birth. 2) Please disregard the red "Upload File" button when submitting entries.
  • CLUB DISPLAYS - Sign up for space in the Exhibit Hall for your club's overall display and / or educational display by contacting the UNH Extension Office (ce.grafton@unh.edu, 603-787-6944). (Club displays can be registered via the office; individuals who wish to have an educational display can register via tinyurl.com/NHFYouth.)



For more information about the North Haverhill Fair, view their webpage: https://www.nohaverhillfair.com/home

To have a printed copy of any of this content mailed to you, please contact the UNH Extension office, 603-787-6944, ce.grafton@unh.edu