UNH 4-H Scholarship Program

Through this program, New Hampshire students may receive a $500 scholarship for each year of active New Hampshire 4-H participation, up to a maximum of $5,000 per year of UNH enrollment.  The award is available every year a student is enrolled at UNH (Durham and Manchester campuses).

The first group of students eligible for this scholarship are freshman starting in the fall of 2019.  Any student enrolled for the first time at UNH after the fall 2019 semester will be eligible for the program. 

Youth are considered having completed a year of active 4-H participation when he or she has enrolled in New Hampshire 4-H within a program year (Sept 1 - Aug 31), and participated as a 4-H member in New Hampshire  during the same program year.

Youth who meet the requirements will automatically be awarded the UNH 4-H Scholarship when they enroll at UNH. Youth are encouraged to work with their county 4-H program manager to confirm their record of New Hampshire 4-H membership.  

The award is based on years of active participation in New Hampshire 4-H. For students who receive need-based financial aid, the UNH 4-H Scholarship award will be part of their institutional financial aid award. The UNH 4-H Scholarship award will not be in addition to any need-based or merit-based award they are already receiving from UNH. 

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Kate Guerdat
State 4-H Leader/4-H Youth Development State Specialist
Phone: 603-862-4544
Office: Cooperative Extension, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824