4-H Teen Leadership Pathway

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Teen leadership is a stage in a 4-Her’s life where they are able to share what they have learned as 4-Hers from observing and doing, and transition to becoming peer mentors and community builders.

4-H knows that youth-voice and a platform to share and grow will allow our 4-H teens to be empowered to explore their interests, find their spark, and create a pathway to their future. We do this by inviting teens to take on opportunities and leadership roles surrounded by caring, supportive adults and teens.

Where can this pathway lead you?

  • County Teen Leadership: Connect with other 4-H teens in your county. These groups meet to form friendships, create a safe space, and practice leadership skills. Contact your local 4-H Program Manager for more information!

  • State Teen Leadership: Following the pathway model, teens have the opportunity to participate in Ambassador tracks of development. Each pathway Ambassador work with a teen mentor/volunteer that provides support to the ambassador team under the program’s pillars of career and academic development, leadership development, and a teach back/give-back project.

  • National Leadership: NH 4-H sends teens around the country to experience a higher level of leadership and skill development through national trips and conferences. These trips are earned at the state level and funded by the NH 4-H Foundation.

2023-2024 Opportunities

Statewide Events

  • Adulting 101 Bootcamp, July, 2023
  • Teen Leadership Retreat, October 21-22, 2023
  • T(w)een Winter Retreat, February 2024
  • Farm and Forest Expo, May 2024
  • NH 4-H Teen Conference, June 22-25, 2024

National Trips

  • National 4-H Dairy Conference, October 2023
  • National Congress, November 24-28, 2023
  • IGNITE by 4-H!, March 2024
  • National 4-H Conference, April 19-24,2024

Local Support

  • At any time teen leaders are ready to support local efforts, just email below to be connected!


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Kristen Landau
State 4-H Teen Leadership Field Specialist

Become a Teen Leadership Advisor
Join us to support the growth and development of local teens by being a trusted, invested and present adult teen leadership advisor. Contact us to learn more about how you can volunteer.

Attracted to STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) subjects and interested in exploring these topics further while giving back to your community? Consider becoming a 4-H STEM Ambassador! 4-H STEM Ambassadors are youth ages 14-18, excited to become an expert in STEM topics and share their knowledge with other youth in the community. A mentor will guide and support youth as they explore STEM careers through field trips, workshops with local STEM professionals, and group conversations. Ambassadors will be encouraged to take control of their learning and pursue their interests by taking on leadership roles within the group and at events in their communities.

Contact: Megan Kirschmeier

New Hampshire’s 4-H Community Ambassadors are between the ages of 14-18. They strive to become leaders in everything they do and have a natural tendency towards personal motivation, working as a team, and developing lasting relationships with mentors, their peers, and the 4-H’ers in New Hampshire. They will gain leadership skills by participating in workshops led by experts in the field to learn skills to propel themselves and the 4-H program forward. Hands-on project work will include program development, event planning, public speaking and group facilitation. If you are sparked by telling your 4-H story to legislators, donors, and potential 4-H’ers this is a role you would thrive in.

Contact: Kristen Landau

4-H Ag Ambassadors are youth ages of 12-18 from around the state who share a common interest in agriculture. Together the 4-H Ag Ambassadors explore the agricultural landscape of NH and the northeast gaining an understanding and appreciation for the diversity of agricultural right in our own backyard. To share their interest and passion for agriculture the NH4-H Ag Ambassadors utilize a peer-to-peer teaching model to create accessible and interactive programming that exposes other youth to agricultural topics. Program offerings are developed with between the 4-H Ag Ambassador and a mentor based on their interest and what they would like to explore and share with others. Programs have ranged from maple to hydroponics to pollinators, and more. We wouldn’t be here without agriculture, join to be an Ag leader today!

Contact: Michelle Bersaw

4-H Teen Conference Commissioners are 4-H youth ages 14-18 from around the state that are interested in working collaboratively to plan NH 4-H’s annual Teen Conference. Youth will learn event planning and large group facilitation skills, work as a team, and be supported by 4-H advisors. These teens form a close bond throughout the year as they work towards a common goal, the largest 4-H event in New Hampshire, NH 4-H Teen Conference!

Contact: Kristen Landau