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A Personal 4-H Journey through Hands-on Nutrition Education and Cooking Experiences

The 4-H Healthy Living Nutrition Pathway is for anyone who has an interest in food, cooking or learning about nutrition and how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Are you sick of the same old school lunch that gets packed for you each day? Learn how to make your own delicious, healthy school lunch that you and your family will approve of. Do you dream of being on one of those TV cooking competitions? You can put your skills to the test at events like our Makers Expo Grilled Cheese Challenge.

The 4-H Healthy Living Nutrition Pathway is full of experiences that will inspire creativity, empower children with cooking skills, and spark a curiosity for how our bodies work. Every activity is a step on the pathway, and we hope you enjoy your journey!

Where can this pathway lead you?

Getting involved with nutrition can lead you in many different directions. Maybe you want to learn how to run a school food service department, how to tube feed a baby that was born too early, or how to work with community partners to encourage the people of your town to be more physically active. The possibilities are endless:

  • Study nutritional sciences in college
  • Get involved with research projects that spread knowledge to the public
  • Help others be healthy as a Registered Dietitian
  • Become a health teacher and inspire the next generation
  • Develop new food products as a Food Scientist

Statewide Events

Makers Expo

The UNH Makers Expo celebrates your inner designer, builder, and maker. This event showcases the things we make in 4-H, like a healthier Grilled Cheese!

Science Bonanza

A day full of science fun at the UNH STEM Discovery Labs in Manchester, NH. Come join a number of science workshops and activities for young scientists, like creating your own healthy smoothie by pedaling a bike! Learn more at the Science Bonanza webpage. 

National Events

National 4-H Summit for Healthy Living

The National 4-H Summit for Healthy Living is a pioneer in the National Youth Summit Series, bringing together teen health leaders from across the country to focus on learning about and solving healthy living issues impacting our homes, our community and our economy. Designed for grades 9 through 12, the Summit provides the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills to address today’s issues facing nutrition education, physical fitness, wellness and emotional well-being.

Sample Program Opportunities

Grilled Cheese Challenge

  • Create and prepare a delicious and nutritious grilled cheese sandwich, including one fruit or vegetable.
  • Teams create a recipe handout explaining how their grilled cheese is healthier than the original version.

Soup-er Bowl

  • Youth create their own soup recipe to compete in their county food show.
  • Create a placemat highlighting the nutritional quality and health benefits of your recipe.

Global Gourmet

  • Middle schoolers learn about cultures from around the world while practicing food prep skills.
  • Youth learn about food history, customs, and nutritional needs of various cultures while preparing and tasting delicious recipes from around the world.

Family Crock Pot Cooking

  • Families eat a healthy crock pot meal together, then prepare a slow cooker meal to take home.
  • Parents and children learn about nutrition and food safety while practicing food prep skills.

Additional School Resources and Curricula

Upcoming Events

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