Merrimack County 4-H Fall Foliage Challenge


Fall is a beautiful time in New Hampshire, and we want our 4-Hers to get out and experience it! Join Merrimack County for the Fall Foliage Challenge. Participants will complete a log book by picturing and identifying trees exhibiting fall foliage throughout the 2023 fall season. While you are out and about with your family participating in your favorite fall activities, take a closer look at the trees in your natural surroundings. This challenge is a tree identification project. On any type of fall outing (not your home or someone else’s home), accurately identify the trees with leaves that are changing color.

How to Participate:

  1. Print the Fall Foliage Challenge Logbook (or reach out to the Merrimack County Extension Office (603-255-3556) for help printing).
  2. Plan outings with your 4-H club, family or friends to see the fall foliage in NH!
  3. Log your visits, identify the tree and take a picture.
  4. Once you have identified at least four trees, return the logbook to 315 Daniel Webster Highway, Boscawen, NH 03303. Participants who complete the challenge and submit a logbook will be mailed a Fall Foliage Challenge Patch.

Register for this challenge through 4HOnline. This challenge has open enrollment, so all youth ages 5 to 18 are able to complete it at any point from 9/23/23-11/3/23. Participants who complete four of the Wildside Hiking Challenges that Merrimack County offers this year will receive a 4-H Wildside t-shirt!

Hold on to your fall foliage pictures for the 2024 Merrimack County 4-H Presents!

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