Merrimack County 4-H Winter Recreation Challenge


The purpose of this challenge is to get outside and experience this wonderful season. The winter can be cold and dark, but it’s important to stay active for your physical and mental health. NH has a variety of landscapes that give residents a wide variety of activities to do during the snowy months.

While you are out and about with your family participating in your favorite winter activities, we also encourage you to try out the meditation practices below. Exercise is a great self-care practice, and adding meditation in can amplify its effects. For this challenge, record an outdoor winter activity from the list below (or beyond) and let us know how you’re staying active!

Download Challenge Logbook

How to Participate:

  1. Register for this challenge through 4HOnline. This challenge has open enrollment, so all youth ages 5 to 18 are able to complete it at any point from 12/21/23-3/22/24. Participants who complete four of the Wildside Hiking Challenges that Merrimack County offers this year will receive a 4-H Wildside t-shirt!
  2. Choose a minimum of 4 of the eligible activities listed in the logbook to do between the challenge time frame of December 21, 2023 – March 22, 2024.
  3. Print the logbook and fill out a page for each winter challenge activity completed. Attach a photo to capture the moment.
  4. Do the recommended (optional) meditations. 
  5. Mail/drop off your completed logbook to the Merrimack County 4-H Office.
  6. Receive a limited-edition Winter Recreation Challenge patch!

Hold on to your winter recreation challenge pictures for Merrimack County 4-H Presents - Photography Contest!

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