Natural Resources Inventories

Natural Resources Inventories
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By identifying and describing natural resources in a local setting, a natural resources inventory (NRI) provides a strong foundation for proactive conservation planning and informed decision-making

Overview of the NH NRI Guide

The steps below lead you through creating a natural resources inventory (NRI).
Be sure to review the Basic and Detailed Inventory section before looking at the NRI Components.

  1. About NRIs - The what and why of a NRI 
  2. Planning Your NRI - How to get started
  3. NRI Maps - Mapping tools and Sample NRI Maps
  4. Basic/Detailed NRI - Phase 1: Basic NRI and Phase 2: Detailed Inventory Studies
  5. NRI Components - Natural Resources to include (Water, Wildlife, Soils, etc.)
  6. Writing the NRI - Guidance for compiling the NRI report
  7. Using the NRI - How to put the NRI to work in your community
  8. NRI Examples - Examples of completed NRI's

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Natural Resources Inventories: A Guide for New Hampshire Communities and Conservation Groups (NH NRI Guide) provides communities, conservation groups and professionals a practical method for creating a natural resources inventory.
Originally published in 1990 (Phil Auger & Jeanie McIntyre).
NH NRI Guide was revised in 2001 and 2016, with hyperlinks updated in 2023 (Amanda Stone).
This website represents the current version of the NH NRI Guide. By making the Guide available as a website instead
of a paper document, it facilitates keeping the Guide updated as new data and information becomes available.

The NH NRI Guide is published by UNH Cooperative Extension and was funded together with The Adelard A. and Valeda B. Roy Foundation