Make the NRI Available

Washington Conservation Commission example

The results of the NRI work group’s efforts will quickly be forgotten if there aren’t some permanent reminders around for town officials and the public to use. Consider the various groups that might use the NRI maps and have additional copies made for them. These might include the municipal planning staff, planning board, conservation commission, selectmen, and other town committees/commissions.The likelihood of these groups using the NRI may be higher if the work group presents the results of the NRI and suggestions about how it could be incorporated into municipal planning.

Provide these groups with the copy of the NRI report, place a copy in the public library, and post the NRI  report and maps on your community's website so it is easily accessible to all.

Display a selection of the NRI maps in a public area, such as the town hall (alongside tax maps if these are displayed). GIS-generated maps can be easily reduced or enlarged for all or part of the study area to reflect the needs of specific boards or projects.