Where to Find Assistance

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Experienced staff from UNH Cooperative Extension are available to meet with your group to help you get started. There is no fee for our assistance.

Assistance Planning Your NRI

E-mail us to set up an initial meeting.

Here's how we can help you:

  • Learn what is involved in putting the NRI together
  • Review sample NRI maps
  • Discuss the information you currently have
  • Review regional natural resources studies in your area
  • Discuss updating or adding to an existing NRI
  • Develop a workplan for your NRI (time frames, tasks, etc.)
  • Guidance for groups creating the NRI themselves (e.g. the conservation commission)
  • Guidance for groups wanting to hire a consultant (see below)

Hiring a Consultant

If your group has the resources and would like to hire a consultant to conduct the NRI, here are some steps:

Develop a Request for Proposals and send to those on the list of potential consultants and any others not listed that you would like to include.  Take a look at a sample RFP (link to come) that you can edit for your project. The RFP should request a scope of services and a proposed budget. Once you have selected a consultant to work with, hold an initial meeting to discuss what you would like to see included in the NRI - such as local information you may already have, or new information you want to have collected. Meet with the consultant periodically during the inventory process to get updated, provide input and be sure the product is meeting your goals. Take a look at the list of natural resources consultants