Plant a Row with Strafford County 4-H & Rockingham County 4-H

Pictured is a logo for the Plant a Row initiative with vegetables.

One of the challenges Granite Staters are facing is food insecurity. Whether you are looking to supplement your own household, or would like to donate produce, we can all plant an extra row or container!

What is Plant A Row ?

Plant A Row is a hands-on neighbor-helping-neighbor initiative started in 2020 during the pandemic. Participating households receive a grow kit and pledge to grow an extra row or an extra container of fresh and local produce to donate to a local food pantry, a neighbor in need or to supplement their own need for fresh greens. It really is as easy as Plant - Grow- Donate.

How to Register

The registration for 2022 Summer Plant A Row is now closed. - Please check back in 2023 to sign up. Current Plant A Row participants can find information about participating food pantries under "How To Donate".

You can pledge to plant a row and receive a growing kit at any point of the growing season. Seeds provided will vary based on plant maturation rates and when you sign up.    

A picture of a fabric container garden and gardening gloves.

When you pledge to plant an extra row a garden kit will be mailed to you.

Plant a Row Garden Kit Includes:

  • Seeds & Garden markers
  • Planting Guide & Record Sheet
  • Tote Bag
  • Stickers
  • Gardening Gloves
  • Growing kits will provide two different growing techniques. One for garden beds and one for containers. A fabric vegetable container will be provided, which can also be used for potatoes and root vegetables.

We will keep in touch with our monthly Plant a Row newsletter. Here, you will find growing tips, activities, recipes and information on where to donate or access fresh produce.


How to Donate

Donate fresh produce to participating food pantries. By planting an extra row and donating produce you can help increase access to fresh and nutritious foods.

Drop-Off Locations for Strafford County

Drop-Off Locations for Rockingham County


Alternative Drop-off for produce: NH Gleans

NH Gleans is a network of regional partners working in their communities to make fresh produce, dairy, and other locally-produced foods available through food pantries, soup kitchens, community suppers and schools. Food grown at local farms, orchards, home and community gardens is harvested and/or picked up and distributed by volunteers led by Gleaning Coordinators in each region. Network lead organizations create gleaning opportunities to avoid food waste, support local farms, and feed people across the Granite State.

For more information, please visit NH Gleans.

Pictured is a fruit and vegetable harvest with a hashtag.

Spread the Word!

Use the hashtag #plantarow603 when posting and sharing Plant a Row pictures!


Plant a Row Resources

Best Vegetable to Donate

Our friends at Iowa State University Extension have created a great resource for the best types of vegetables to grow and donate. They include tips on how to grow and how to prepare for donation: Top 13 Vegetables to Donate

UNH Extension Gardening Help

UNH Extension is here for any questions you may have while growing your garden. Find out how to reach us at Ask UNH Extension

How to Grow a Container Garden

Don't have space to plant an extra row? No problem! ! Learn how to grow your container garden here!

While the community's extra rows are growing, you can use UNH Extension resources to learn more about food access in New Hampshire:

Find sources of free or low cost food in Strafford County (farmers markets and incentive programs like Double Up Food Bucks, Granite State Market Match, as well as SNAP, WIC, school meals and food pantries).  This platform also offers a NH Farm Product Map and a Seafood Finder.

NH Food Support Resource

Strafford County Food Access video


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