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Explore some of the 4-H activities and projects that can be done by 4-H  members, clubs or families.   Want to learn more about 4-H try some of the great activities and contact us about how you can get involved in 4-H.  

4-H Healthy Living 

 NH 4-H Healthy Living engages youth and families with activities and resources to promote physical, social, and emotional well-being.

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4-H Makers

 4-H Makers is a new effort to celebrate what we make and invite others to become Makers.

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4-H Virtual Clubs

4-H virtual clubs is a new way to engage youth in STEM, Animal Science, and Plant Science with project kits and online meetings.

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Discovering the wonder in the world around us is part of the joy we find in regular walks with our families in nature.  Finding an empty bird nes... Learn More
Chain Reaction Family Fun for the Stay at Home Blues
Chain Reaction Family Fun for the Stay at Home Blues Learn More


Do you know how many animals live in our yards, fields, woods, and streams? You may not always see them, but you can almost always find animal signs.<... Learn More
Have you taken time to notice all the beautiful trees and shrubs in New Hampshire? Do you know the state tree or the state flower? (See the example be... Learn More
Choose leaves from your garden, a house plant, or on a nature walk, then make your own plant press to make a leaf print!

What have you ... Learn More
In some ways, recording your 4-H presentation is like presenting it at your club, county or state event. In other ways, it’s a bit different. For exam... Learn More
This is a quick tutorial on how to edit your 4-H video or recorded presentation using OpenShot video editing software. In it you will learn how to imp... Learn More

What is an “unlisted YouTube video”?

Videos you upload to YouTube as “unlisted” are completely private and visi... Learn More