4-H Activities

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New Hampshire 4-H Hippology and NH 4-H Horse Judging Contest Entry Information Packet
This packet summarizes the entry information for the Statewide 4-H Hippology and Horse Judging contest.
New Hampshire 4-H Fact Sheet
4H Multi-County Horse Show Packet
Download this packet for more information on the Multi-County 4-H Horse Show and Field Day!
New Hampshire 4-H Guide
Finding Animal Signs [4-H Activity]
Do you know how many animals live in our yards, fields, woods, and streams? You may not always see them, but you can almost always find animal signs.<...
New Hampshire 4-H Activity
Bark and Leaf Rubbings [4-H Activity]
Have you taken time to notice all the beautiful trees and shrubs in New Hampshire? Do you know the state tree or the state flower? (See the example be...
STEM Education New Hampshire 4-H
Make a Plant Press [4-H Activity]
Choose leaves from your garden, a house plant, or on a nature walk, then make your own plant press to make a leaf print!<br /> <br /> What have you ...
STEM Education New Hampshire 4-H Activity
Tips for Recording Your 4-H Videos and Presentations
In some ways, recording your 4-H presentation is like presenting it at your club, county or state event. In other ways, it’s a bit different. For exam...
New Hampshire 4-H
Tips for Editing Your 4-H Videos and Presentations: OpenShot Video Editor Tutorial
This is a quick tutorial on how to edit your 4-H video or recorded presentation using OpenShot video editing software. In it you will learn how to imp...
New Hampshire 4-H
How to Upload Your 4-H Video to YouTube
Videos you upload to YouTube as “unlisted” are completely private and visible only to people with the URL (i.e., the web link to your video). The vide...
New Hampshire 4-H
Nutrition Trivia [4-H Activity]
Trivia Question: Food Group IQ<br /> <br /> Test your food group IQ! Are you eating all five food groups every day? <br /> <br /> Take a picture o...
Health & Well-Being, Nutrition Connections New Hampshire 4-H
Creative Recycled Planter Project [4-H Activity]
Spring is the time to start plants and growing plants in containers is a great 4-H project. But being stuck at home, sometimes we might not have enoug...
New Hampshire 4-H