New Hampshire 4-H Ag Ambassadors

Purpose:  The NH 4-H Ag Ambassadors utilizes a peer-to-peer teaching model to create accessible and interactive programming that exposes youth participants to agricultural topics. 

Eligibility: Open to any NH 4-Her 12-18 years old (4-H age) and has completed the 7th grade and been enrolled in 4-H for a minimum of 1 year.

Want to become involved?  Check out the full NH 4-H Youth Ag Ambassador service description here.

Ag Ambassador Educational Videos- This is a series of educational videos that cover the basics of becoming involved in a NH 4-H dairy, dairy goat, beef, or swine project. 

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Experiential Learning in Agri-Science

4-H Agricultural Science cultivates the areas of agriculture through experiential learning in animal and horticulture sciences. Whether its planting a backyard urban garden, raising a calf or designing greenscape, 4-H Agricultural Science guides youth through hands-on experiences.

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