New Hampshire 4-H Ag Ambassadors

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Purpose:  The NH 4-H Ag Ambassadors utilizes a peer-to-peer teaching model to create accessible and interactive programming that exposes youth participants to agricultural topics. 

Eligibility: Open to any NH 4-Her 13-18 years old (4-H age) and has completed the 7th grade and been enrolled in 4-H for a minimum of 1 year.

Want to become involved?  Check out the full NH 4-H Youth Ag Ambassador service description here.

Interested in having a NH 4-H Ag Ambassador do a program at your next youth meeting?  Fill out a brief inquiry form to get started.

Programs Offered: Programs can vary in length from 30 minutes up to 2 hours depending on your group’s needs.

Maple: In this hands-on experience participants will learn about the process of making maple syrup.  Activities will highlight the science behind the process from start to finish.  Topics include natural resource management, tree id, engineering, food science, and more!

Hydroponics:  Being able to grow food without the presence of soil is fascinating.  Through a series of hands-on activities participants will learn the basic principals of hydroponics and how they can do it right in their own home.  Topics include system design, plant biology, environmental monitoring, and more!

Ag Ambassador Educational Videos- This is a series of educational videos that cover the basics of becoming involved in a NH 4-H dairy, dairy goat, beef, or swine project. 

Have an idea for a program thats not listed, please let us know.

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Michelle Bersaw-Robblee
4-H Youth Development and 4-H Horticulture Field Specialist
Asst Field Specialist
Phone: (603) 255-3556 ext. 804
Office: Cooperative Extension, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824