Symonds Afterschool Cow Club

A 4-H SPIN Group

children with a calf

Children in the Afterschool Program at Symonds School in Keene participated a 10-week “Cow Club”.  The Cow Club is a 4-H Dairy Afterschool SPIN program where they have been doing hands on activities that help them learn about agriculture and dairy related topics.

The children in the Cow Club attended weekly sessions. They started their first day with cheese tasting and identifying the different types of cheeses. They held a grill cheese event where they experimented with different types of breads, cheeses, and add ins for their sandwiches. They also studied the different types of milk and made “Got Milk” posters. A few weeks were spent on studying for an in-house dairy quiz bowl.  They also made a video of what they learned in Cow Club. The children learned about the Jersey cow and enjoyed a visit with a Jersey calf, they named Larry.  The calf was brought to the school by Crescent Farm of Walpole. The culminating event was an ice cream sundae party, and each child received a gift from Cabot as well as certificates of participation.

The club was led by Lottie Page a student teacher at Symonds School who recently graduated from Keene State College. Lottie is also a 4-H Alumna from Grafton County who grew up on a dairy farm and participated in the 4-H program for ten years.

The 4-H program aligns its project areas with its Mission Mandates of Science, Healthy Living, and Citizenship, the opportunities expand far and wide! All 4-H project areas are supported by research-based curriculum that is grounded in experiential, hands-on learning. From the Community club setting to the school enrichment classroom to the SPIN groups to the individual member experience, there is something for everyone. 

Are you a teacher looking for a way to enhance your classroom lessons? Much of our curriculum has been aligned with the Standard Course of Study based on National standards.

If you are looking for more information on how to volunteer in 4-H, are interested in starting a SPIN group, or are looking for 4-H opportunities for youth, please feel free to reach out to the Cheshire County 4-H Office at 352-4550.

What is a 4-H SPIN group? SPIN is a Special Interest group that meets at least six hours. SPIN groups are set up to work around the volunteer’s schedule. Each group meets six or more times for at least one hour per session. Members are able to gain new knowledge and skills through these fun group experiences. We are looking for people who would like to lead a short term project in Cheshire county. Contact Sue Lawson-Kellerher or 352-4550 for more information.




Andrea Sawyer
4-H Animal Science Specialist, Emeritus
Office: Cooperative Extension, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824

Susan Lawson-Kelleher
Former 4H Program Assistant