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Keep an eye out for invasive insects this summer.
Check your pool filters for invasive insects this summer. Learn More
In recent weeks, many landowners have contacted UNH Extension worried about the sudden appearance of yellowing – and prematurely dropping – white pine... Learn More
The 2024 NH Coverts Project Workshop was held from May 8-11, when twenty-two attendees from all over New Hampshire spent time in the classroom and in ... Learn More
From May 8-11, 2024, twenty-two conservation-minded individuals from twenty different New Hampshire communities gathered in Greenfield, NH for the 202... Learn More
It’s March 8th, International Women’s Day and — coincidentally, though appropriately — the first ever Women’s Landowner Summit, hosted by the Women in... Learn More
Tour details harvesting and future county land uses, by Terri Munson, contributer
A guided walk was recently held where discussion covered the carefully deigned harvest of red pine that successfully released existing white pine and ... Learn More
As the weather warms and our days stretch longer and brighter, we begin to see and hear the bustle of the natural world picking up all around us. The ... Learn More
Amphibians venture to vernal pools in the spring, but their journeys are not always easy.
In spring, amphibians migrate to vernal pools for breeding during what is known as The Big Night. There are specific weather conditions that determine... Learn More
An opportunity for NH women forest landowners to come together, learn, build skills, and connect.
On March 8, 2024, over ninety women forest landowners came together at the Women Landowner Summit to learn, build skills, and connect. Learn More
Individuals from over twenty groups, organizations, and municipalities from the greater Franklin-Northfield-Tilton “Foothills” region of New Hampshire... Learn More