Coping with Quarantines: Keeping Your Kids Occupied

4-H offers resources for educational and fun activities to engage in at home

child coloring with pencil

In times of uncertainty, it’s important to know that some things will always stay the same—like your kids getting restless when told to stay home from school. While some of this time should be for relaxation, it is also important to incorporate fun learning experiences into each day. Here are some ways the NH 4-H program can help make this time with your kids productive as well as entertaining.

STEM/Makers Projects 

Been stuck inside for too long?  Well, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade!  Or anything else for that matter.  Sometimes being stuck at home give us a chance to exercise our inner creative genius.  Explore some of the following links for projects you can do at home with common household items and have some fun.

4-H STEM/Makers 

Get Crafty

Arts and crafts are always a fun way to occupy time, and they are even better when you can upcycle. Items that you no longer use can be re-purposed in an interesting way so that they become useful again! Check out this idea from the National 4-H Center. Making a tote bag is easy and can even be made using outgrown clothing. 

Make a Tote Bag

Inspire Kids to Do 

The National 4-H center has great resources for 4-H members of all ages. This FREE downloadable guide has 60 different educational activities to carry out at home ranging from M&M'S® math to growing herbs in a jar. Flip through this guide and engage your child with fun projects in STEM, healthy living, crafting and more.  

Prepare a Healthy Meal Together 

Don’t forget the 4th H in 4-H is for health, more specifically your health for better living. Mental and physical health are all important in creating an entertaining and productive environment at home. Cooking with simple, healthy recipes is a great way to keep in mind all aspects of wellness. Explore easy recipes to do at home through the link below (if your child really enjoys this, they can even enter their food into contests at county fairs!).  

View Recipes 

Practice 4-H Demonstrations and Presentation Skills  

This is an excellent time for 4-H members to get to work on demonstrations, presentations and all other 4-H communication events. Practicing public speaking in front of family members can boost confidence, and your feedback will be helpful as they work to showcase their very best work at the county and state activities days. The priority for when your kids are home from school is their health and safety, but it’s also important that they’re able to make the most out of this time. For more ways that 4-H can strengthen kids' minds and bodies, check out our Healthy Living page.




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