Farm Scale Clinic in Rockingham County


Chappell Tractor Sales
251 Route 125
Brentwood, NH 03833
United States

The New Hampshire Division of Weights and Measures will be hosting 14 Scale Clinics at 11 locations throughout the state in 2023. 

All scale clinics are by appointment only to better allocate staffing and equipment needs. Please call (603) 271-2894 to schedule an appointment and have your account number handy.

This event is intended for businesses that grow and sell their own agricultural products. The clinics are FREE to growers who have three or fewer scales under 100 lb capacity and no other commercial devices on their license.

Please ensure that all power cables and accessories (including but not limited to;
scale feet, power supply, platters and stanchions) are brought to the clinic. If the scale is not in usable condition, it cannot be certified. Scales must be CLEAN before they will be tested and must be in good working condition.

Please contact the department of Weights and Measures at (603) 271-2894.

A picture of different weights and a scale.
  • Please call 603-271-2894 to make an appointment.