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Growing Better in New Hampshire

Our agriculture and horticulture specialists use the best research-based information to give New Hampshire farmers, businesses and citizens with the tools they need to succeed.  We provide workshops, fact sheets, programs, on-site consultations and comprehensive pest, plant and soil diagnostics.


This position is based at UNH Extension’s Hillsborough County office in Goffstown, N.H.
UNH Extension Seeks a Field Specialist, Vegetable and Fruit Production, Hillsborough County, located in Goffstown, N.H. Learn More
Writing a Farm Description is a smart strategy for getting started on your Farm Food Safety Plan (FFSP). An FFSP is not required for farms whether the... Learn More
Updated Produce Safety Alliance (PSA) Grower Training information. Learn More


Recently, parthenocarpic varieties of eggplant (ones that set fruit without pollination) have been developed specifically for greenhouse and tunnel pr... Learn More
Fig is grown commercially in mild climates throughout the world. Fig offers the potential to be a high-value crop in New England, but to be profitable... Learn More

Home-grown grapes make excellent fresh eating, juices, jellies, raisins, and wine. A small home vineyard with even just a ... Learn More

Low winter temperatures and a short growing season generally limit grape production to the southern half of New Hampshire.... Learn More
A chart that shows the availability of locally grown fruits and vegetables based on harvest dates.

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UNH Cooperative Extension has created a map of community gardens in New Hampshire to build a network for sharing information among gardeners a... Learn More

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