Conservation & Climate

  • Rail Trail in Hillsborough County NH

Protecting the Future

Land Conservation

Assistance and resources for landowners interested in conserving their land. 

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field and trees

Saving Special Places

New Hampshire's Annual Land Conservation Conference

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people waling in the woods

Climate Adaptation

Preparing for the impacts of a changing climate. 

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Natural Resources Stewards

Promoting healthy ecosystems, improving scientific research, and promoting scientific thinking among youth and adults.

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Tour details harvesting and future county land uses, by Terri Munson, contributer
A guided walk was recently held where discussion covered the carefully deigned harvest of red pine that successfully released existing white pine and ... Learn More
Amphibians venture to vernal pools in the spring, but their journeys are not always easy.
In spring, amphibians migrate to vernal pools for breeding during what is known as The Big Night. There are specific weather conditions that determine... Learn More
Help keep Good Forestry relevant and up-to-date by completing the following survey.
Good Forestry in the Granite State: Recommended Voluntary Forest Management Practices for New Hampshire, last published in 2010, is being revised. Hel... Learn More


New Hampshire’s coastal watershed has experienced rapid development in recent decades, resulting in threats to our water resources. When combined with... Learn More
New Hampshire’s natural resources are facing growing challenges due to the impacts of climate change. This requires local action to protect our critic... Learn More