Community Engagement

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Bringing Communities Together

Helping communities expand their reach, employ inclusive strategies, and hear diverse perspectives.

Community Engagement Academy

Strong, vibrant communities have active and engaged citizens. That is why we are committed to teaching innovative and proven techniques that reach and engage all New Hampshire residents. In the Community Engagement Academy, we explore the practice of local communities who have used citizen input to influence their revitalization efforts while teaching a variety of engagement tools.

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Community Profiles

The Community Profile program provides an opportunity for communities to affirm strengths, identify opportunities, envision a vibrant future, create action plans, and develop local leaders and action groups to pursue this vision for the future. One of the major outcomes of the Community Profile is more citizen participation in the community.

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Community Profiles program assembly in Northfield NH

Housing Academy

Housing Academy is a training program for InvestNH Housing Opportunity Planning (HOP) Grant and Community Housing Grant recipients to help build and further develop local capacity related to housing matters. UNH Cooperative Extension will provide housing education and community engagement training and support grantees as they develop their local community engagement strategies.

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