Christmas Trees

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Start a Christmas tree farm

Getting started with Christmas trees, site and species selections.


Growing Christmas trees on a few acres or on large acreage can be a great deal of work, yet very rewarding. This course was designed with you in mind.... Learn More
Fertilizing Christmas trees can increase growth rate, tree vigor, foliage color, bud set, branch and foliage density, and needle retention. The amount... Learn More
The New Hampshire State Forest Nursery is a facility and program administered by the Forest Management Bureau in the Division of Forests and Lands, a ... Learn More
Pruning and shearing produce the symmetrical, high-density, cone-shaped characteristics of a quality Christmas tree. The base of the live crown of the... Learn More
Your seedlings have the best chances for survival if you plant them as soon after purchase as possible. Store newly purchased seedlings in a cool dark... Learn More
The difference between a successful and unsuccessful Christmas tree farm depends on site, soil type, customer preferences, possible sales methods, and... Learn More


How Can I Succeed with Orders from the NH State Forest Nursery?
Various websites, along with the State Forest Nursery, provide high quality information about specific species of trees and shrubs and their value for... Learn More
The holiday season is upon us, and for many families it’s time to think about getting a Christmas tree. Choosing a tree can be a cherished family trad... Learn More
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