Schoolyard SITES Curriculum Workbook & Citizen Science Guide

  • School-aged children participate in a science project. Three children are walking in a grassy area near a stream and are holding nets to collect specimens.


A Design Process for Engaging Students in Citizen Science in Their Schoolyard

Schoolyard SITES is a community partnership STEM teacher professional development program and research study at the University of New Hampshire. The program partners elementary teachers with UNH Extension science volunteers to bring locally relevant citizen science projects to their students. Participants learn together as a team and gain experience with scientific investigations and content that they will use later in their classrooms. With support from the volunteer, teachers design and teach a citizen science curriculum for their students that is relevant to the school district’s curriculum and school site. This workbook has been compiled based on three years of experimental testing and refinement during the Schoolyard SITES project. 

The complementary resource, Guide to Choosing Locally Relevant Citizen Science Projects for the Classroom, will help users to critically examine potential citizen science projects to determine whether they are easily adapted for use in a classroom curriculum and schoolyard setting.

Schoolyard SITES Curriculum Workbook

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Guide to Choosing Locally Relevant Citizen Science Projects for the Classroom

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Gengarelly, L., Froburg, E., Clyde, M., and Andreozzi, H. (2023). The Schoolyard SITES Curriculum Workbook: A design process for engaging students in citizen science in their schoolyard. Durham, New Hampshire: University of New Hampshire.

Suggested Citation for Citizen Science Guide

Andreozzi, H., Clyde, M. (2023). Guide to choosing locally relevant citizen science projects for the classroom.