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Downtowns & Trails 5 Year Evaluation Report
This report provides an in-depth look a the program's journey, the valuable assets each community discovered, the opportunities that emerged,…
Tourism, Outdoor Recreation & Nature Economy Community & Economic Development Research Report
Why Trees Grow Where They Do In New Hampshire Forests
Knowing that trees differ in their requirements for nutrients and moisture, and that sites differ in their ability to supply these needs, we can…
Natural Resources, Forest & Trees Natural Resources Research Report
What is dot voting?
Dot voting is a technique for semi-anonymous voting. Participants are given sets of colored sticky dots, which adhere to a variety of surfaces where…
Community Leadership Community & Economic Development Fact Sheet
Food Pantry Donations from Home Gardeners
Produce from home gardens can be a good source of fruits and vegetables for individuals who rely on food pantries as a source of food. Use this…
Food Safety Fact Sheet
Mental Health Resources for New Hampshire
Mental health challenges have been increasing over the last few years. Approximately 1 in 5 adults live with a mental illness, and that rate is just…
Health & Well-Being, Mental Health First Aid®, Youth Mental Health & Wellness Health Partner Website
NH Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network Impact Report: Addressing the Root Causes of Stress, Mental Health, and Suicide in the Farming Community
Our Farmers are Struggling, Farmer mental health challenges can result in loss of life, reduced ability to perform farm duties, lowered farmer…
Agriculture & Gardens, Agricultural Business Management, Agricultural Law & Taxation, Agricultural Marketing & Sales, Farm Estate & Succession Planning, Financial Planning & Record Keeping, Labor & Personnel Training, Farmer Support Networks, NH Farm Network, Women in Agriculture, Health & Well-Being, Health & Well-Being, Mental Health First Aid® Health Research Report
Carroll County Food Access Network
A page providing information for members of the Carroll County Food Access Network.
Well Connected Communities
Shared Soil Podcast
A University of New Hampshire Extension podcast that celebrates the resilience and triumphs of women in agriculture. Hosts Kendall Kunelius and…
Agriculture & Gardens, Women in Agriculture
2023 Health & Well-Being Team Highlights
2023 Health & Well-Being Team Highlights Several programs were offered across the state engaging adults, teens and youth in health and wellness
Health & Well-Being Health
Guide: How to Set Up and Manage Your Google Business™ Profile
Learn about the powerful Google Business™ Profile with step-by-step instructions to claim, manage and edit your business listing.
Agriculture & Gardens, Agricultural Business Management, Agricultural Marketing & Sales
2023 New Hampshire Field Crop and Forage Loss Report
In 2023, NH farms were faced with the wettest year on record, according to the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine. This excessive rainfall…
Agriculture & Gardens, Dairy, Livestock & Forage Crops Agriculture & Gardens Research Report
2023 New Hampshire Fruit and Vegetable Crop Loss Survey Report
The 2023 production season was extremely challenging for farmers throughout the northeast. Widespread freeze events in February and May caused the…
Agriculture & Gardens, Fruit & Vegetable Crops Berry Crops, tree fruit crops & orchards, vegetable crops, Agriculture & Gardens Research Report
10 Components of Vibrant Communities
A vibrant community relies on several key components, including economic vitality, community health, natural resources and recreation, community…
Tourism, Outdoor Recreation & Nature Economy, Economic Development, Community Leadership Community & Economic Development Fact Sheet
Blueberry Leaf Rust
In the summer and fall of 2023, blueberry leaf rust was found widely distributed in New Hampshire, including Merrimack, Hillsborough and Strafford…
Agriculture & Gardens, Fruit & Vegetable Crops, Plant Disease & Diagnosis Services tree fruit crops & orchards, Agriculture & Gardens Fact Sheet
2023 County and State Highlights
County and state highlights for 2023
Extension Leadership, Advisory Councils Resources
2023 Volunteer Impacts
Extension's volunteer Impact on the state of New Hampshire in 2023.
Administration Resources, Advisory Councils Resources
Guide to Choosing Locally Relevant Citizen Science Projects for the Classroom
This guide will help users to critically examine potential citizen science projects to determine whether they are easily adapted for use in a…
STEM Education, Schoolyard SITES Youth Development & Education Guide
Selected Essentials in Farm Employment Law - New Hampshire
The short and sweet of farm employment law in New Hampshire
Agricultural Business Management, Farmer Support Networks Agriculture & Gardens Guide
North Country Ag & Food Council Lunch & Learn
Come, hear about Carroll County‘s food access for all assessment experience and be a part of the learning conversation process. We want your voice…
Food Access Presentation
Exobasidium leaf and fruit spot of blueberry
Exobasidium leaf and fruit spot of blueberry is a fungal disease affecting both leaves and berries. Symptoms matching this disease were reported in…
Agriculture & Gardens, Fruit & Vegetable Crops, Plant Disease & Diagnosis Services tree fruit crops & orchards, Agriculture & Gardens Fact Sheet