Downtowns & Trails

  • Three people walking on a paved riverside path toward a white gazebo.

Revitalizing Downtowns - One Trail at a Time

New Hampshire's natural resources are its greatest asset. Our New Hampshire economy grows when our forests, trails, waters, are well taken care of, used by residents and visitors and linked to our downtowns.

Downtowns & Trails Program

Communities in New England often seek support for downtown economic development engagement and planning from Extension Educators. Communities are also beginning to question how their natural assets can be better integrated into improvements in quality of life and downtown vibrancy. Trail infrastructure can be an important natural asset. Between 2017-2018 we developed a knowledge sharing network in New England so that Extension organizations could better understand and leverage existing knowledge, resources, and programs to help communities connect downtown economic development and local trails. This network has resulted in a guide to be used throughout New England and beyond as well as the foundation of our Downtowns & Trails Program at the University of New Hampshire’s Cooperative Extension.

Ashuelot Bridge in Keene New Hamsphire in autumn


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