Nature Economy

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Strengthening Economy Through Nature

Assessing, evaluating, valuing and connecting natural assets with community goals to create vibrant economies and high quality of life for all.

Downtowns & Trails

The Downtowns and Trails program explores opportunities for linking downtowns and trails. The program includes assessing the downtown area, linkage area, and trails; training volunteers to conduct interviews with businesses, residents and community leaders; and training volunteers to administer an intercept survey of those using the trails to determine their interest and use of downtown. The community is engaged to share results of the assessment and determine next steps for moving forward.

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Nature Economy Collaborative

The Nature Economy Collaborative is an interdisciplinary working group, led by the University of New Hampshire, that aims to foster dialogue with stakeholders and conduct research to document changes to New Hampshire's economy as it relates to the use and value of nature. Specifically, the group seeks to understand nature economy-related data needs to inform policy around four themes: education, training and workforce development, community development and quality of life, natural asset use and climate resilience.

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Natural Resource Inventories

A Guide for New Hampshire Communities and Conservation Groups (NH NRI Guide) provides communities, conservation groups and professionals a practical method for creating a natural resources inventory. By identifying and describing natural resources in a local setting, a natural resources inventory (NRI) provides a strong foundation for proactive conservation planning and informed decision-making.

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Rivers & Economic Vibrancy

Rivers play an important role in a community’s economy, serving as a place to fish, paddle, enjoy a lunchtime walk, observe wildlife and relax with friends and family. Many New Hampshire communities can become River Towns — communities that embrace their downtown river as a source of economic vibrancy. 

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