North Country Fruit & Vegetable Seminar & Tradeshow

North Country Fruit & Vegetable Seminar & Tradeshow
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2021 Experience: A fresh, new approach

In 2021, UNH Extension Ag Specialists Heather Bryant, Nick Rowley and Olivia Saunders hit the road to interview six leaders in New Hampshire's agricultural community to better understand what it takes to succeed as a North Country farmer. Each interview is featured in an episode of the North Country Fruit & Vegetable Farmer podcast.  Listen to the recordings here or download on your favorite podcasting app (Spotify, Apple podcasts, Stitcher, etc.). Search the title “North Country Fruit & Vegetable Farmers".


Beekeeping with Janice Mercieri of White Mountain Apiary

Beekeeping has become a popular hobby for the backyard gardener, as well as an opportunity for commercial farms to diversify their business. Janice Mercieri of White Mountain Apiary has been successfully caring for bees and selling bee products, nucs and packages in Grafton and Coos Counties for many years. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience about raising and caring for bees, as well as skill in running a business in New Hampshire’s North Country.  Listen   Transcript 

Bee hives

Mushrooms with Eliah and Louis of Northspore

Northspore is a rising mycology company in Southern Maine. Originally created by three friends as a mushroom farm they have grown to offer mushroom spawn, inoculation supplies, mycological education and more. The crew at Northspore loves mushrooms and they want you to love them too!  Join us as we talk about mushroom terminology, growing practices and marketing mushrooms on small farms.  Listen       Transcript

Mushrooms with Eliah and Louis of Northspore

Growing an agricultural business with Bridget McKee of Bent Fork Farm 

Bridget McKee and her husband Ben set out to start a vegetable farm that would fit in with their professional interests and the family life they want, in the place where they want to live.  Join us to hear about the journey which had them starting their farm in Lancaster and then relocating it to Bethlehem.  We’ll talk about how the farm chooses their markets and crops and some of their favorite tips for other farms.  Listen        Transcript

Bent Fork Farm

Alternative berry crops with Ben Shambaugh of Wayside Farm and Great Northern Berries

Ben Shambaugh founded Wayside Farm in Sandwich, NH over 30 years ago. Since 2013 he has been trying a variety of alternative fruit crops under the Great Northern Berries name. Through trial and error he has found what works and what doesn’t for his business. Come join us and learn about their journey into producing honey berry and other unique small fruit crops.  Listen    Transcript

Wayside Farm owner looking over berry growing operation

Solar Power with retired Extension specialist John Porter and poultry farmer Tom Giovagnoli

Integrating solar power in and around farms can reduce energy costs, improve sustainability goals, and transform a farms economic status. In this episode, we hear from Tom Giovagnoli, an egg  producer with Pete and Jerry’s in Boscawen who shares that adding solar to the roof of his barn made his operation more economically viable. We also chat with John Porter, Retired UNH Extension specialist who continues to consult on infrastructure and barn projects in New Hampshire. John has added solar to his small farm homestead and has consulted with farms across the state on how to successfully reduce energy costs. Listen

Solar panel on barn

Steve Turaj
The North Country Fruit and Vegetable Seminar and Tradeshow started nearly 20 years ago by UNH Extension specialist Steve Turaj.