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What is the New Hampshire Master Gardener Alumni Association? 

The New Hampshire Master Gardener Association was created in November, 2003 in partnership with UNH Cooperative Extension. As of 2018 the association is known as the New Hampshire Master Gardener Alumni Association (NHMGAA). The purpose of NHMGAA is to enhance the Master Gardener program and to offer Master Gardeners an extra layer of support, education and community connections. The New Hampshire Master Gardeners Alumni Association volunteers work hard to improve the quality of life in NH communities by fostering horticultural education and outreach in support of the UNHCE mission.

Membership and additional donations are used to fund approved MG projects. Each year since 2006, the NHMGAA Special Projects Committee has reviewed and supported selected projects submitted by NHMGAA members. Grant recipients have taken leadership roles within community gardens, school gardens and numerous other nonprofit organizations around the state that have benefited from the NHMGAA's generosity and Master Gardener expertise.

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What is the NHMGAA Mission Statement?

NHMGAA promotes and supports horticultural education and outreach services provided by Master Gardeners to New Hampshire communities. The NHMGA:

  • Provides a forum in which its members can exchange ideas, address concerns, and identify needs at county and state levels.

  • Provides financial resources to its members through scholarships and grants for approved community projects.

Our Focus

  • Continuing education via the Annual Spring Symposium and Fall Gathering

  • Fundraising to support MG projects

The Symposium provides education and community. The fundraising is done through a silent auction at the Symposium, corporate sponsorship, individual donations and merchandise sales.

Who can join the NHMGAA?

Membership in NHMGAA is voluntary and is open to anyone who has completed the Master Gardener training. Interns receive complimentary membership the first year after completion of training.

The cost of membership is $25 per year.

What are the benefits of joining the NHMGAA?

The NHMGAA provides financial resources to its members through scholarships and grants for approved community projects. 


  • Members will receive a discount at the Spring Symposium.
  • Members are eligible for funding to support approved MG projects. Funding is awarded through a competitive review process by the Special Projects Committee and approved by the NHMGAA Board of Directors. It is our goal to make the award decisions and disperse the funds to MGs before the planting season.

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