Radius is the annual storytelling publication of UNH Extension. It demonstrates the impact of Extension's work for N.H.
Vice Provost Ken La Valley

Radius Issue 6: Innovation

Letter from Leadership

There is a spirit in New Hampshire of innovation. One only need look to the state’s trademark granite, formed deep beneath the Earth’s crust over millions of years, for an example. Innovation requires vision — it means looking at a rock and knowing that it can be so much more. Once polished and cut, it becomes countertops and fireplaces, benches and monuments.

Here at UNH Cooperative Extension we are forward-thinking. We anticipate challenges and formulate solutions. In this issue of Radius, you will read about ways that our staff are supporting entrepreneurs by creating new collaborative makerspaces and networking opportunities. learn More

Hood Park sign

Reimagining Hood Park

Community feedback provides a vision for Derry's future

For many years, families in and around Derry have gone to Hood Park to swim, walk the trails and play. However, due to a lack of funding, poor water quality in Hood Pond and the decline in programs, the park has lost its original luster. People who want to see the park restored to its former glory want to change that. learn More

Winnisquam Greenhouse front side
Green Thumbs
Weekend workshops yield hands-on training for community members and a finished greenhouse for students

It was a few weekend construction workshops, hosted by UNH Extension’s Landscape and Greenhouse Field Specialist Jonathan Ebba, that brought to life the structure of a greenhouse at Tilton, New Hampshire’s Winnisquam Middle School in September 2020. learn More

Sensor on telephone pole

Sensors by the Seashore

Extension specialists team up with UNH students to help homeowners in Hampton

Owning a piece of the New Hampshire coastline is a dream for some — a home surrounded by nature, close to beautiful beaches with views of sunsets over the marshes. But living on the coast increasingly comes with the threat of flooding as sea levels rise. learn more

Two children making a STEM contraption

STEM is for Everyone

From the city to the country, partnerships create equitable learning experiences for students

There are many factors that can serve as learning barriers for students at every level. To ensure that every child has the chance to succeed, STEM program managers and educators in New Hampshire are focused on creating equitable educational opportunities for underserved populations. learn more

Man in front of an art piece
Engaging Entrepreneurs
Extension connects makers, artists and innovators with resources and a peer-to-peer community

Inside an 8,500-square-foot building in Concord’s Penacook village that previously sat vacant, Ty Meier diligently draws lines. Pen and ink and watercolor bring to life illustrations of dogs, goats, foxes, turkeys and raccoons. learn more

Overhead shot of a town

Who Says Innovation Can’t Be Rural?

Extension helps small New Hampshire towns lean into their strengths

Innovation can be flashy, like the latest smartphone or wireless earbuds. It can be expensive, like the latest smartphone or wireless earbuds. Marketers love to equate innovation with speed and pizzazz. But what if innovation was a little more subtle and a lot more stable? That’s what you’re likely to find among the small towns of rural New Hampshire where dependability is as important as change. learn more

Three young girls looking at a map
Blazing a New Trail
Nature Groupie launches online store to support outdoor volunteerism

Nature Groupie connects outdoor enthusiasts with volunteer opportunities at places they love by sharing events that help forests, coastal ecosystems, communities and wildlife. learn more

Wide shot of a man staring at a weather device
Making Use of Real Time

Extension’s weather stations provide growers with valuable insight for disease management

Fire blight, a contagious disease caused by the bacterium Erwinia amylovora, is one of the most destructive orchard threats to apples and pears in New Hampshire. Warm, humid or rainy weather in the spring and early summer increases the disease’s severity, so some years are worse than others. A critical time for infection is during bloom. learn more

Emma and Nate examining a plant
Sound Advice

Extension’s new Granite State Gardening podcast provides reliable, science-based information to gardeners and homesteaders

Greetings, Granite State gardeners!” The warm, energetic voice says. “It's hard to imagine anything more appealing than picking a piece of ripe fruit on your way to the kitchen without having to so much as get dressed or even go outside. That's the dream. But can it also be a real green thumb life?” learn more

Laptop with coding screen next to succulent plants
Cracking the Code to Lifelong Learning

PD&T offers specialty training for tech careers, including coding

When voice recognition software was first engineered — by a group of men — many noted the technology had a harder time processing female voices. Katie DeAngelis ’11 says stories like these always made her think software engineers and developers were people like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. learn more

Two people sitting on a bench laughing
Reducing Harmful Effects of Opioid Use Through Proactive Education

Efforts underway to help Granite Staters safely manage chronic pain

Communities in New Hampshire have been grappling with the burden of opioid misuse and overdoses for years. While many programs exist to help those impacted by substance use disorder connect to treatment and recovery services, there is also promise in the idea of addressing the problem before it even starts.  learn more

child working in a garden
Systems of Change

Creating a network to support health and wellness in New Hampshire communities

At one point, Coös County’s Milan Village School had a flourishing garden, explains principal Amy Huter, but, over time and with changing staff, the use of it died down. With Extension’s Well Connected Communities grant, Huter is excited to bring the garden back to life.  learn more

NH Bioblitz participant taking a picture in the woods
The Year in Volunteers: 2020

4,022 volunteers contributed a combined 158,881 hours

Each year, volunteers donate their time to extend the work of UNH Cooperative Extension. They help make New Hampshire's individuals and communities more successful, and its natural resources healthy and productive. learn more