New Hampshire Tree Farm Program

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Helping Tree Farmers and wooodland owners 

The New Hampshire Tree Farm Program is an application of the American Tree Farm System (ATFS) and has been operated by volunteers through the New Hampshire Tree Farm Executive Committee since 1950. The American Tree Farm System is a nationwide program that encourages private forest owners to actively manage their forests in a sustainable manner for multiple values.

A Tree Farm is a privately owned forest managed to produce timber with added benefits of improved wildlife habitat, water quality, recreation, and scenic values. There are also municipal watersheds, school forests and other public ownerships certified as Tree Farms.

NH Tree Farm Website

Spotlight on New Hampshire’s 2020 Outstanding Tree Farmers

The Martin Family were recognized by the NH Tree Farm Committee as the Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year in 2020.

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Gilford’s Kimball Wildlife Forest Wins 2019 Outstanding Community Tree Farm of the Year

Originally certified as a Tree Farm in 1994, the 245-acre property was once part of the estate of wealthy railroad magnate, Benjamin Kimball.

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