School Gardening

  • children in a garden

Places for great learning

Gardens are be places for great learning and can be used as a tool to teach any subject. Lessons, best practices and resources are available from UNH Extension and our partners.


Monthly Proven Tips and Solutions for Granite State Gardeners
Monthly Proven Tips and Solutions for Granite State Gardeners Learn More
Sheila Steele, Kathie Breen, Sue Makowiecki, and Jeanne Johnson had different reasons for enrolling in the Master Gardener program, but today they wor... Learn More
Weekend workshops yield hands-on training for community members and a finished greenhouse for students
It was a few weekend construction workshops, hosted by UNH Extension’s Landscape and Greenhouse Field Specialist Jonathan Ebba, that brought to life t... Learn More


With proper planning and care, gardening success is possible even with limited money, time and experience. Whether your goal is to grow beautiful flow... Learn More
Ever wonder how things grow, maple syrup is made, what a pollinator does, or what the difference is between a pest and insect? Join the Branching Out ... Learn More
Why Compost:

There are many good reasons to make your own compost or participate in a community composting program. First, organic wast... Learn More
We recommend that gardeners test their soil before planting to determine the amount of lime and fertilizers needed. Soil testing can be done through a... Learn More
4-H Horticulture

In this project area, participants learn about plants, insects, landscape design, soils, and more through experiential... Learn More
Many people want to create pollinator-friendly gardens to support numerous kinds of native bees, as well as honey bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and... Learn More