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The first years of a child’s life involve periods of rapid growth and development, playing a crucial role in long-term health outcomes. The World Health Organization has set a goal, working with partners to end preventable deaths of newborns and children under 5 by 2030. If all countries were able to meet this goal, a predicted 11 million lives would be saved. Research shows that the health of a newborn is directly related to pregnancy and postpartum health outcomes for the mother. The Health and Well-Being Team is focused on improving the health and well-being of New Hampshire families from pregnancy, birth and beyond.   


We offer a variety of programming to help support you in all areas of maternal and child health. Check out these resources to see what programming we can bring to you!

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Feeding Infants During a Formula Shortage

Many parents are, rightfully, concerned about the formula shortage right now and are looking for solutions to get through this dangerous time. Although it is tempting to find homemade recipes, it is NOT recommended to make your own formula. Infants are still building their immunity and are a high-risk population, thus food poisoning and kidney damage are a real danger for them. UNH Extension’s Healthy Living Program Manager and Registered Dietitian, Kate Graves, shares these recommendations for families: Read More


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