Farmer Support Networks

Farmer Support Networks
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Together We Are Better

The agricultural community in New Hampshire is diverse and Extension provides many opportunities to bring farmers together to learn and grow.


Guidance on beginning to legally operate your farm business
Planning efforts for a beginner farmer. Topics include zoning, insurance, liabilities and being a good neighbor. Learn More
This guide provides a general overview of what it takes to get your farm up and running in New Hampshire
This guide provides a general overview of what it takes to get your farm up and running in New Hampshire. Learn More
Farmers experience unique stress and mental health challenges due to their occupation
Understanding farm stress and what contributes to it. Learn More
Dial Fruit Pest Hotline (603-862-3763) Anna Wallingford here, your new extension specialist in entomology and IPM! I’ve been calculating my de... Learn More
Podcasts provide a great way to learn more about farming and gardening
UNH Extension offers several podcasts that are of interest to farmers. Learn More
This article identifies resources regarding recording keeping for the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Learn More
Emran Ali, Extension Plant Pathologist, UNH
Plant pathogens are one of the main threats to agricultural production and affect the multibillion-dollar agricultural industry every year. Accurate a... Learn More
Emran Ali, Ph.D. joins COLSA and Extension to serve in several roles
Emran Ali, Ph.D. will serve as as Director of the UNH Plant Diagnostic Lab, State Extension Specialist, and Associate Professor of Plant Pathology in ... Learn More


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This document summarizes the Course Expectations for the 2022 New Farmer School Learn More
Selling Homemade Food Products in New Hampshire- Five Part Fact Sheet Series Learn More
The decision to purchase land can be one of the most important financial and personal decisions that you make in your lifetime. Whether you are purcha... Learn More
Cleaning and sanitizing best management practices for food contact surfaces are essential steps in keeping food safe to eat. Implementing routine clea... Learn More
Sick workers and poor hygiene practices can contaminate food and cause foodborne illness outbreaks and other diseases such as colds and flus. Implemen... Learn More
When is a Class H Homestead License Required (Non- Exempt)

Selling Homestead Food Products in New Hampshire

Learn More