Farmer Support Networks

Farmer Support Networks
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Together We Are Better

The agricultural community in New Hampshire is diverse and Extension provides many opportunities to bring farmers together to learn and grow.


How mental health and brain health are connected
Understanding how mental health affects brain health Learn More
Well-being is essential for farming success 
Ergonomic, nutrition and mental health resources to aid farmers to address stressors. Learn More
Important information about filing taxes for New Hampshire farmers
Just like any other income you receive from a business or a job, income from a farming operation is subject to state and federal taxation/ This articl... Learn More
A new collaborative effort focuses on mental health, financial and legal resources
Extension is supporting farmers with their mental health through resources, education and cost offsetting. The initiative is backed by a $500,000 USDA... Learn More
Extension joins nationwide effort to raise awareness about mental health
Extension joins nationwide effort to raise awareness about mental health Learn More
We all depend on farmers. Farm Families are the backbone of America, but often can feel unsupported and alone, and the stress piles up. We hope to sta... Learn More

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Defines what an intern is and conditions at work. Learn More
Defines salary, eligibility and tips for identifying when to pay salary on the farm. Learn More
Defines H-2A Visa Program, who can use it, how recruitment works and human rights considerations. Learn More
Includes definition of employment discrimination, explains common risks and provides advice on conducting nondiscriminatory job interviews. Learn More
This assessment breaks down data from the nationally reported Agriculture Statistics to encourage further investigation and spark conversations that r... Learn More