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Most of us take for granted the seemingly unlimited water that comes out of the hose or tap. Although New Hampshire has an abundant fresh water supply... Learn More
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By Cory Keeffe, Community Forester
By Cory Keeffe, Community Forester Learn More



Groundcovers are fairly low-growing plants that cover the soil with an abundance of stems and leaves. Turf grass is easily the most widely planted gro... Learn More
The Best Plants for New Hampshire Gardens and Landscapes - How to Choose Annuals, Perennials, Small Trees & Shrubs to Thrive in Your Garden uses t... Learn More
This plant list includes native plant species and cultivars that are adaptable, available, and have been widely successful in our northern New England... Learn More
New Hampshire’s invasive species regulations currently prohibit the collection, sale, transport, distribution, propagation or transplantation of prohi... Learn More
Rainfall patterns are can be highly variable in New England. Periods of above-normal precipitation may be followed by weeks with little or none. While... Learn More
Our latest count shows 86 native tree species in New Hampshire. The exact number is hard to determine because some are rare, some are mostly found as ... Learn More