Vegetable Gardening


Group receives Volunteer Service Award for empowering the community through gardening
In Littleton, New Hampshire, volunteers and Master Gardeners alike come from all over to help sustain a garden at the Daughters of the Charity of the ... Learn More
Monthly Proven Tips and Solutions for Granite State Gardeners
Monthly Proven Tips and Solutions for Granite State Gardeners Learn More
We’re hosting a webinar for vegetable growers dealing with cutworm issues in cool-season production, December 1st 12-1pm.  Learn More


Fig is grown commercially in mild climates throughout the world. Fig offers the potential to be a high-value crop in New England, but to be profitable... Learn More
Compost, the end product of a controlled decomposition of plant and animal wastes, makes an excellent addition to lawn or garden soil. While compost s... Learn More
Many farmers and homeowners grow their own seedlings for transplant.  Doing this indoors can save the cost of buying, heating and maintaining a greenh... Learn More
Why Compost:

There are many good reasons to make your own compost or participate in a community composting program. First, organic wast... Learn More
Aphids are an economically damaging pest for several crops.  This study aimed to explore the practicality of using insectary plants to attract predato... Learn More
This fact sheet will provide the basics of how to make a new vegetable garden, starting with site selection, and then covering soil testing, preparing... Learn More