Vegetable Gardening


From seed to bloom, plants provide many educational benefits
Plants for Education at UNH Extension - From seed to bloom, plants provide many educational benefits. Learn More
Gardeners are encouraged to help fellow community members access healthier food
Plant a Row or Grow a Row initiatives exist in different forms and under various names nationwide. It is an effective and hands-on way to increase the... Learn More
A Question of the Week
Even if choosing slow-release sources of Nitrogen and Potassium, fertilizer should be applied in the spring. In most New Hampshire soils, amendments c... Learn More


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Hydroponics is the production of plants using water instead of soil to deliver the nutrients essential to plant growth. As hydroponics becomes more c... Learn More
This fact sheet provides an overview of the most common reasons to use cover crops at home and lays out the most successful options for gardeners in N... Learn More
Fig is grown commercially in mild climates throughout the world. Fig offers the potential to be a high-value crop in New England, but to be profitable... Learn More
Many different types and percentages of organic materials may go into any given batch of compost, so no two batches – even from the same supplier – ar... Learn More
Many farmers and homeowners grow their own seedlings for transplant.  Doing this indoors can save the cost of buying, heating and maintaining a greenh... Learn More
Why Compost:

There are many good reasons to make your own compost or participate in a community composting program. First, organic wast... Learn More