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Helping green industry businesses overcome challenges so that they stay successful and profitable. Main focus areas include plant nutrition and irrigation, water quality, greenhouse environment (light, temperature, carbon dioxide, humidity), pollinator health, economics and marketing strategies for ornamental and edible crops.


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Extension offers several summer meetings for farmers
UNH Extension’s Twilight Meetings provide space for farmers and people interested in learning more about farming to gather in person or virtually to l... Learn More
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Cut branch crops are shrubs from which branches are harvested for their unique shape, color, flowers or f... Learn More
Fertilizing too much or too little are the most common nutritional problems in greenhouse production.

Fertilizer injectors are used for... Learn More
These webinars were recorded in the summer of 2020 and are available for viewing here.  You can not receive pesticide recertification credit for watch... Learn More
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Sometimes mixing water-soluble fertilizer can be tricky.​ The f... Learn More
To get all of these calculators in a mobile format, click here.

Sometimes calculating injector ratios, electrical conductivity ... Learn More