Soil Testing Services

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UNH Cooperative Extension provides soil analysis and fertilizer recommendations to farmers, homeowners and researchers. Recommendations are based on the latest research and are specific to the crop being grown. 

We are accepting samples both in-person and by mail!


If you are mailing in sample(s), please note that we have a new mailing address!  Please send all samples to the address below. 

Mail all samples to: 

     UNH Extension Soil Testing Service

     Barton Hall B206

     34 Sage Way

     Durham, NH 03824

Turnaround time for soil testing is approximately three weeks from the time we receive the sample(s). Thank you for your patience. For questions, please send an email to or leave a message  at (603)-862-0509.

soil drop box

**Our new drop-box is located at the front of the Sage Way visitor parking lot just to the right of Barton Hall. Please note that this drop-box is for soil samples only. All insect and plant disease samples must be sent by mail or dropped off in person.

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