New Farmers

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Starting Off Right

The world of agriculture can be intimidating. Extension is here to answer questions and connect you with a wealth of experience. 

Starting Your Own Farm Business

Operating your own farm sounds like an ideal lifestyle, but making a living off of the farm involves many aspects that need to be carefully considered and planned. Before jumping in, prospective farmers should go through some basic steps such as goal-setting, household budgeting, and evaluating the many crops or animals you could grow or raise on your farm. This guide will help you as you begin to make these plans. Access the guide



New Farmer School 2024

The nuts and bolts of farming as a business in New Hampshire

Get a jump-start on growing your agricultural business with this intensive multi-session course! Offering a wide variety of topics that will be applicable to any new farmer and sessions that build upon knowledge gained in previous sessions, this course is a great way to get up to speed quickly on the business and science of agriculture. Network with other new farmers, and work closely with Extension staff as you develop your business and productions ideas. Learn more


How to assess when planning a farm business
You would like to get started in farming, now what? Whether you have open land, forested land or leased land, there are many factors to consider befor... Learn More
A reminder to growers about properly winterizing your sprayers. Learn More
Well-being is essential for farming success 
Ergonomic, nutrition and mental health resources to aid farmers to address stressors. Learn More