Landscaping for Water Quality

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On March 30 and 31, 2023, landscaping professionals, watershed organization members, and community leaders responsible for managing land and water res... Learn More
We had a great time on Zoom and in person at Hood Park in Derry, NH for the 2021 Landscaping for Water Quality Workshop. Thank you to everyone who pa... Learn More
A Question of the Week
A Question of the Week Learn More



There are many questions today regarding how turf can be managed organically. Let's clear up some common misconceptions concerning best managemen... Learn More
Because a large land area devoted to lawns in New England is located adjacent to pond, lake, river, and coastal shorelines, nutrient losses from lawns... Learn More
Water quality friendly lawn care and fertilizer recommendations for northern New England. Learn More

Nitrogen and phosphorus are nutrients essential for the growth of plants. However, an overabundance of these nutrients can... Learn More
In this video, Extension field specialist, Margaret Hagen will describe how to calibrate a fertilizer spreader. See below for a full video transcript.... Learn More
This plant list includes native plant species and cultivars that are adaptable, available, and have been widely successful in our northern New England... Learn More