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Our Specialists use the best research-based information.  We provide workshops, fact sheets, programs, on-site consultations and comprehensive pest, plant and soil diagnostics.

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Come and visit the NH Agricultural Experiment Station's vineyards and farm from 2-4pm on Saturday, Aug 28, 2021. Learn More
The New England Vegetable and Fruit Conference Planning Committee has made the difficult decision not to hold an in-person New England Vegetable and F... Learn More
Calling all farmers who have innovative ideas to improve the sustainability of farm practices! Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research &a... Learn More

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Home-grown grapes make excellent fresh eating, juices, jellies, raisins, and wine. A small home vineyard with even just a ... Learn More

Low winter temperatures and a short growing season generally limit grape production to the southern half of New Hampshire.... Learn More
Birds can become especially serious pests in blueberries and strawberries, but they also cause injury in other small fruit and tree fruit. There are m... Learn More
Listservs are a way to exchange information quickly with other growers. We have set up such a list to promote discussion about all issues and topics r... Learn More
Several hardy seedless grape cultivars have been released within the last few decades. We have recently planted a research vineyard at the Agricultura... Learn More
Extension specialists throughout the region collaboratively publish this guide, to provide information on pest and cultural management of small fruit ... Learn More