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By Colt W. Knight, Ph.D., Assistant Extension Professor/Livestock Specialist, University of Maine; Elaina Enzien, Dairy, Livestock & Forage Crops ... Learn More
A Question of the Week
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What to look for, and figuring out what it means
What to look for, and figuring out what it means Learn More


Internal Parasites can be classified into two basic groups, worms and protozoa.

Parasitic disease differs from bacterial and viral dise... Learn More
You can a lot about hay by looking at it, feeling it, and even (carefully!) smelling it. The video below discusses what sorts of things distinguish hi... Learn More
Forage testing is the best way to assess the quality of your hay, but getting accurate results depends on starting with a representative sample. The v... Learn More

If you choose to raise turkeys indoors on floors that are cleanable, it will be easier to control predators and parasit... Learn More
Sources of Hens

Though it’s sometimes possible to buy five-month old pullets that are ready to start laying eggs, it’s more likely you’... Learn More
Whether for eggs or for meat, in order to have success with your small or large poultry flock, you need to make sure you start and end with a healthy ... Learn More