Carroll County 4-H Awards

Please nominate a maximum of one member for each of these awards, and please do not nominate a single youth for more than one award.

Carroll County 4-H Head, Heart, Hands, and Health Awards (ages 5-18)

These four Carroll County 4-H Awards will be presented at Carroll County 4-H Recognition Night, and get their name and spirit from each of the four H's (Head, Heart, Hands, and Health). Anyone can nominate a youth, including him/herself. To receive one of these awards, a youth must be nominated and/or submit a 4-H record. (If a youth submits a record, they will automatically be in the running for one of these awards.) Each of these awards will be awarded to a Cloverbud and a Member.

Cloverbud (ages 5-7)

Member (ages 8-18)

Carroll County Spirit Award (ages 11-18) The purpose of this award is to recognize 4-H members who have been very active in 4-H, in a variety of ways. They have displayed good sportsman ship and a positive attitude. Have been heavily involved in club activities including meeting attendance, and community service activities. They have demonstrated enthusiasm for 4-H, have been helpful in assisting others, and pitches in when needed with club responsibilities. 


4-H Program Manager
4-H Program Manager, Carroll County
Office: UNH Cooperative Extension Youth and Family, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824