Grafton County 2016 Highlights

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For over 100 years, NH counties and UNH Cooperative Extension have enjoyed a successful partnership that strengthens citizens and communities through research-based information, practical education and cooperative solutions.


Community and Economic Development (CED)

County residents participated in our programs, which foster resilient communities and build strong local economies. Overall, CED programs helped community leaders engage 1,112 citizens in local decisionmaking and action. More than 21% of them took on new leadership roles in their communities. More than 1,043 businesses statewide benefited from CED programs focused on developing local strategies for business retention and expansion.

Food and Agriculture

County residents turned to Cooperative Extension for current, research-based information in the pursuit of profitable and sustainable agriculture. Extension specialists trained food producers, processors and restaurant workers to handle and prepare food safely, resulting in a reduction in food-borne illness. Farmers learned agricultural practices that protect water and soil quality and provide citizens with yearround access to high quality, locally-grown food.

Natural Resources

Across the state Cooperative Extension assisted 1,151 landowners with advice on conservation practices and referrals to New Hampshire licensed foresters and certified loggers. Community resource managers, municipal officials, volunteers and natural resource professionals received advice and training on forest and wildlife management, geographical information systems (GIS), the forest industry, invasive species, land and water conservation, and water resources via more than 450 workshops and trainings. Our work impacted 174,000 acres statewide.

UNH Professional Development & Training (PD&T)

For over 25 years PD&T has conducted workshops, certificate programs and conferences for New Hampshire’s business professionals and educators. Now part of the Cooperative Extension family, PD&T provides its students with access to a wide range of high-quality trainings in business, teaching, school administration, grant-writing and much more. You can find PD&T’s catalog online ( or at your county Cooperative Extension office.

Youth and Family

Our staff and volunteers build resiliency and life skills, develop workforce-ready young leaders, and help families avoid addiction and obesity. In 2016, more than 25,000 citizens participated in our 4-H and nutrition programs. Practical trainings for educators doubled in attendance to more than 2,300. Because of our community-based work, more than 2,200 students will benefit from improved school health policies.

By teaching cooking, sewing, heritage arts and crafts to children, I not only teach them skills that they can use in their life as they grow up, I teach them responsibility.

- Van Anderson, N. Haverhill, NH 4-H Volunteer