Plant Problem Identification Form

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To submit a plant sample for diagnosis, please send a completed Plant Problem Identification Form along with payment and the plant sample to the Plant Diagnostic Lab on the campus of UNH, Durham, NH.

Instructions for collecting, packaging, and mailing (or delivering) plant samples are included on the form. Also, view our video How to Submit Plant Samples to the UNH Plant Diagnostic Lab, and read our Guidelines for Collecting and Submitting Plant Material to the Plant Diagnostic Lab.

Download the Plant Problem Identification Form.


Cheryl Smith
Plant Health State Specialist
Phone: 603-862-3841
Office: Cooperative Extension, Spaulding Hall, Durham, NH 03824

Shyloh Favreau
Diagnostic Services Program Manager
Asst Extension Program Mgr
Phone: (603) 862-3200
Office: UNH Cooperative Extension, Food & Agriculture, 312 Kendall Hall, Durham, NH 03824

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