Barry Conservation 4-H Camp: 4-H On The Wild Side


Detailed picture of fishing rods leaning against a wall.

Ages 10-16

Cost $540

Physical Activity Scale* = 2


In America's technology-based culture, the gap between youth and nature is growing. Experience nature and reunite with the great outdoors.

You may have a chance to create a meal from gathered plants, fillet a fish and cook it over an open fire, sleep under the stars, climb a mountain, swim in a pond, create nature crafts, and more.

Truly experience the great outdoors. Campers will also have a chance to enjoy a host of traditional camp activities like campfires, hikes, outdoor games, archery, and more. Sounds like fun!

4-H On the Wild Side is one of our most popular weeks. Our talented and creative camp staff go a little wild themselves as they plan and conduct this action-packed week of fun and learning.

*The Activity Scale estimates the level of challenging physical activity each week. 1= some, 2=moderate, 3=lots

3 kids in a canoe on a lake.